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My name is R. S. Pagan and I do various IT related jobs with some media and art as a hobby. Dabbling in foreign languages and Dance Dance Revolution are my thing. I spend most of my life in Chicagoland and Hong Kong. (details).

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I'm an IT User Support Specialist these days. I've previously worked for Google, Bandai-Namco, Brafton, and in data centers around Chicagoland, the Greater Toronto Area, and the Bay Area. My goal is to work in Hong Kong. (details).

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Though I spend the vast majority of my time either working or commuting to work, I do love to travel, play rhythm games, make home videos, take photographs, learn languages, and drive cars. (details).

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Did I mention I'm on YouTube? My main channel is @RobertsBrainIsGone. Check it out if you like home videos.
Check out my alternate channel, @RobsVideoRarities, if you like old DDR videos and random AI upscales.

Here are some websites that I ran, but just left to rot.


I sorta got banned from Instagram for calling out and reposting propaganda which later was proven true. I'm no longer banned, but I don't wanna post there anymore, so I'll post here. Maybe these are NFTs too, who knows, how nice...